Our goal is to ensure the safest food produced to the highest quality standards at the minimal cost!

NVC offers food safety and quality assurance services for improving food safety, food protection, and sanitation measures for food producers, manufacturers, food service and retailers.  Well designed and implemented food safety quality management system will drive production cost reductions, improved customer experience and fewer recalls.

Improve process controls, boost quality at key points in the production process, and ensure food safety and quality programs meet regulatory requirements. Prevent food hazards such as contamination with pathogenic microorganisms, harmful foreign materials, or chemicals.

Gap Analysis-assess your current systems, and identify areas where improvement is needed to eliminate deficiencies between standards and practices. Prepare your facility for regulatory, third-party, customer, and internal inspections. Solve special problems related to food safety, food quality, food technology, environmental and health issues.

Offering a proactive approach to problem solving, NVC leverages a deep understanding of manufacturing and regulatory issues and works closely with you to understand your business needs. We act as a liaison between manufacturers and retailers with a deep understanding of requirements on both ends and make the process of bringing a new product to the market a wonderful experience.

Nena Velickovic

Nena Velickovic

CEO - Owner

With 20+ years of professional experience, Nena Velickovic has helmed NVC since 2010 with expertise in food safety, product and process risk assessment, regulatory compliance, sensory evaluation, and training services. Nena led the implementation of BRC Standard for leading food companies in North America and the development and implementation of Food Safety Plan for retailers across North America. She provided training in FSQMS for private label development for the largest retailer in South America, implemented Quality Management Program for Importers (QMPI) for the leading Canadian National Retailer and developed its National Training Program for Seafood Sensory Evaluation and Seafood Spoilage for Distribution Centres. Nena’s knowledge of food retail and private label development allows her to support clients in meeting the Retail world requirements. She gets deeply involved with clients’ daily operations and works with clients on development of best approach and practical ways of meeting the requirements of BRC Standard. In preparation for Certification Audits, Nena implements and guides her clients through compliance and pre-audit assessments and helps them choose the best fit for the unique challenges each client is facing. Nena is BRC Approved Training Partner for Food, Agent & Brokers, and Storage & Distribution Standards and has delivered 400+ training courses. Nena holds a M.Sc. in Food Science and Food Technology Engineering, and is a Certified National Food Safety Trainer. Nena is one of the few Globally Registered BRC Consultants.

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